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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review Artist Doll &Bear Part Two

So there were so many artists and so little time but I got to see most of them, if you come next year wear comfortable shoes and expandable clothes cause the food was great!
Ok back to artists works.

A look at my new cone puppets.

Little Bo Peep

Cool elephant

Kevin Buntin with one of his pieces that sold.

2012 winners of Helen Bullard Doll Artist Award, Stephanie Blythe and Mark Dennis for collector award and Mark Dennis and Diane Keeler for Artist award. Congratulations !

2012 Winners of Beverly Port Teddy Bear Artist Awards are Francisco Carreno, Tami Eveslage, Katherine Hallam and Deb Caham. Congratulations!

2012 Beverly Port Teddy Bear Collector Award went to Tami Eveslage and Sharon Barron. Congratulation!

The bears and I will see you at the next show! Thanks for stopping by!

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Isa said...

So fun browsing through all your bear pictures! Looks like such a fun show - and I love your adorable Elephant!!!