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Friday, July 20, 2012

Where's The Sense of It?

During the year, for school breaks etc., I give neighbor kids and kids at my church tickets to the movies. They take friends, family members and are always so excited to get the tickets. It has always given me joy to do it.
I was to give them out again in a few days, now what do I do. Don't want to not do and bow to fear and don't want to ask if they still want to go and cause them to be afraid.
Why do people always seek to take away the simple joys in life? But I firmly believe that you cannot allow others to steal your joy. It's not there's to take or to have!
So I will give my little ones the tickets , pray for their safety as always and pray for us all. God bless you in Aurora, Colorado.

From the bears and me:0)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kids Cooking Class-Pizza

So the last cooking class of the summer is always a pizza making class? The kids love it and it uses a lot of the skills that they have learned.

They make a fresh salad, this one had spinach,walnuts, green grapes, strawberries and feta along with mixed greens.

For a treat they got to taste the fresh pineapple that my husband
grows, he has over twenty-five plants growing. His own little pineapple farm!

They make different pizzas but the favorite is always this pepperoni and sausage one. Now mine is always the chicken with pear slices, walnuts and a bit of bleu cheese. So good!

Good eating to you friends!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Happy Fourth!

Today I am still finding my independence from clutter and working toward my right to a comfortable home!
We fight for a lot of things in our life and I hope to day, thanks to the planning and work of so many to insure our freedoms, that you find a way to appreciate your freedom.
Mine may seem insignificant, but it has been very freeing to me to let go of guilt over wrong purchases, guilt over letting go of things others have given me that I can't use and loss of loved ones.

I am exercising my right to freedom of space and thus opening myself up to real freedom in my life. What freedom will you give yourself today? Happy fourth of July all! The bears and I are looking forward to some wiggle room! :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ugh! Cleaning!

Somebody help pull me out from under this deluge of cleaning! It really does get a lot worse before it gets better. You pull things out to keep, it had to be organized. You pull things out to get rid of it had to be cleaned and bundled up to go out. And in the meantime boy is it hot with no air conditioning Lol!

I would so rather be making bears but this had to get done. To much time being sick and things put on back burner till health got better. Not over doing it and it is slow but it is getting done. Yippee!

The bears are sipping iced green tea with honey and watching my antics with glee. As long as they don't wind up in a box of giveaways they are happy!
From the bears and me:0)