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Friday, July 20, 2012

Where's The Sense of It?

During the year, for school breaks etc., I give neighbor kids and kids at my church tickets to the movies. They take friends, family members and are always so excited to get the tickets. It has always given me joy to do it.
I was to give them out again in a few days, now what do I do. Don't want to not do and bow to fear and don't want to ask if they still want to go and cause them to be afraid.
Why do people always seek to take away the simple joys in life? But I firmly believe that you cannot allow others to steal your joy. It's not there's to take or to have!
So I will give my little ones the tickets , pray for their safety as always and pray for us all. God bless you in Aurora, Colorado.

From the bears and me:0)

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