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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Museum Day

Thanks to the Smithsonian free museum day my hubby and I visited the Orange County History Museum.
The new exhibit , Peanuts...Naturally, featured a panel discussion, "Funny Folks Behind the Serious Business of Cartooning. Featured were Florida cartoonists, including Jeff Parker, Mark Simon, and Rob Smith Jr.

Allen Bellman and me. I got this photo with golden age of cartoon artists Mr. Bellman of Marvel comic fame, Captain America and Human Torch, when I got the autographed print below:

How lucky am I ?!

The panel discussion was great, we learned a lot about the business of cartooning, working in solitude to moving to digital forms of drawing. From paper to computer and beyond.

If you want to be a cartoonist their advice is, learn how to draw! Learn anatomy of a body, it's structure, is muscular structure. Do the work, don't copy the work of others as you are copying their mistakes! Good point.
It was great fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Remembered

A broken heart heals but the scar remains,
I have but to remember to feel its pain.
But I choose to rejoice in lives lived well,
As they were ending they saved others still.
What will I do as I remember that day,
I will thank them for their bravery and take a moment to pray.

God bless 9/11 heroes, their families, friends and all of us who can never forget our worlds can change in just a few moments.