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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Preview Teaser

Busy getting ready for the Quinlan Doll and Bear Artist show and the Maitland Doll show, both first weekend of May. For the Quinlan show, in the Junk to Funk gallery, I have made this piece.

This is just a teaser so here is the back of it, it has a no no mechanism. Not a yes/no because its trying to warn you!

I used some of these pieces, an old wood spindle, antique apron and a wood base. Also used a 1920's,30's match holder for the machine body.

This is the base.

This is the machine body. Hope you will come to the show to see the whole thing!
On to the next piece I am working on hehe!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

IDEX 2013 Review

Exhausted! Been at IDEX in Orlando this past weekend and was very busy.

This is the panda pop up puppet I did as the gift for attendees of my Bears Pop ups and Laughter event. Thanks to all who attended, it was great fun.

My poster for my space, that's Gritty Alice, new this year.

Steiff Girl, Rebekah at her talk on Steiff Dolls and History. We got to hold and examine some really older pieces. A fountain of information.

Deb Canham at her booth. She also did a class.

Linda Steele, doll artist, back exhibiting after seven years made a great debut with Cardiello Riding High.

This 2013Dolls Industry Choice Award winner Joy Ride by Lori Platt. You have to see it up close to appreciate the detail of the scales and the riders holding on fro dear life! Beautiful.
BJD dolls were the popular doll of the show, drawing a large amount of collectors especially to the Volks USA, Inc booth. They had their 4th annual BJD Mixer on Saturday night.
Bear collectors also got to try their hand at needle felting in Irene Heckels class.

This is one of Irene bears that was for sale.

This is one of my new bears that found a home.

Along with the bear on the left, they are going to the same place. Those are the new In The Wild Bears. Same pattern, different furs.
We took a group of bear artists to dinner as usual, joined by a couple doll artist this year and had a wonderful, relaxing evening.

Felicia Hymer and Bev White.

Irene and Clyde Volpe

IDEX will be April 3-6, 2014 next year. Don't want to miss out? Come join us at the Doubletree by Hilton across from Universal and join the fun!

Teddy Spring Show 2013 Review

The Teddy Spring show was held April 6th in Timonium, MD.

This is one of the new bears I showed there.

Mary Dowd had this wonderful piece on her table.

Martha Bumula had fuzzy bunnies that looked like they were ready to hop away!

Stevi T. had adorable little squirrels. So realistic if they were in my yard they would be eating the apples off our tree!

Hope you will attend this show next year, I would love to show you what I've bee up to. So would they other artist:)