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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Thank you and bless the men and women that serve, have served and died serving this country. You are not forgotten. Your sacrifices are not forgotten. And our freedoms because of you, your service, will never be forgotten. Thank you all. And bless all those that are missing their loved ones, friends, family members.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


There's a place where I live that you can pick strawberries. Today they had a one day open to pick blueberries.

Keith and I went out first thing this morning. I said we needed to get a pallet, but him and the vendor both agreed that would be a lot of picking to fill that. I looked at them and said sure, ok. So fifteen to twenty minutes later all four baskets were filled.
The grower looks at us when we get back and says "you guys should have got a pallet!"
Now Keith is looking at it and says " aren't we sharing with the neighbors?"
No duh guys! I said we need a pallet! Ugh, another two baskets and back to picking lol! It was lots of fun watching all the families and friends enjoying the weather, the company and the blueberries.

Thank you Pappy's for opening today!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day 2013

Happy Mothers Day! Wishing a wonderful day to all mothers, those whose children are here, whose children have passed, whose children are lost, whose children are serving this country.

Because we never stop being a mom.

And to all you beautiful children whose mother is no longer around to shower with your love and give it to you in return, you are still loved, because we never stop loving either. Be blessed this Mother's Day and remember someone who is missing a loved one and give them a hug.
That's what I will be doing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quinlan Show 2013 Review Continued

Friday brought the bears by doll artists, dolls by bear artists and the Junk to funk galleries.

Tami Evesladge doll.

Pam Kisners doll.

Bing Ruiters bear.

Amy Thortons doll.

Ms. Popes bear, she started this challenge, lol!

My Junk to funk piece, Carnival Pick A Fate, with no/no mechanism warning you not to pick a fortune.

Elephants on my table.

Another view of my table. Then it was on to the closing reception dinner and awards.

Sue Quinlan with her mini me and me too bear by Martha Burch, with hubby, Terry Quinlan.
Some of the nights winners,

Katherine Hallam, double award.

Michelle Lamb


Ron and Sue Northman. Sorry not to get photos of all. Wanda Carson, Joanne Livingston, also were among the winners, among others, I just can't write that fast!
It would be better if you come enjoy the fun and see for yourself lol. Hope to see you next year :).

Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Artists Show 2013 Review

The convention started with classes and an opening dinner on Thursday. The first of the artist showings was before dinner and there were stunning pieces.

This piece is by JoAnne Livingston

This is by Lulu Tatum.

Katherine Hallam created this piece.

This is by Cindy Malchoff

This is Floyd Bells wonderful doll.

This is Mary Esther Wards great doll.

This is my piece, Moonlight Flight, which found a new home.

Gabriella DeLawey created this piece.

Lots of photos so part 2 next.