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Saturday, May 18, 2013


There's a place where I live that you can pick strawberries. Today they had a one day open to pick blueberries.

Keith and I went out first thing this morning. I said we needed to get a pallet, but him and the vendor both agreed that would be a lot of picking to fill that. I looked at them and said sure, ok. So fifteen to twenty minutes later all four baskets were filled.
The grower looks at us when we get back and says "you guys should have got a pallet!"
Now Keith is looking at it and says " aren't we sharing with the neighbors?"
No duh guys! I said we need a pallet! Ugh, another two baskets and back to picking lol! It was lots of fun watching all the families and friends enjoying the weather, the company and the blueberries.

Thank you Pappy's for opening today!

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