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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day 2013

That's me on the left, my Dad and my sister Gaye on the right. A rare picture of us with our dad. I have one of my sister Tamara with him, but don't think there is one if my brother with him.

Some families just didn't take a lot of pictures back then. A shame. So it's very nice to look back on this photo though I don't need it to remember him.

He loved his grandkids very much, they made him smile all the time. And he had a great smile.

I loved my dad, still do, he died of Parkinson's when my daughter was two and my son not a year old. He only saw a photo of him.

He could be a silly man, making the car dance at stop lights ! Or very serious when talking about how We should conduct ourselves.

He is always missed. God bless the fathers, the dads, that do their best, that miss the mark, that are there, that want to be there, that wouldn't be anywhere else. Happy Fathers Day.

And thanks to the men that step up to fill that position where needed!

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