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Thursday, August 29, 2013

TBAI 2013, part two

Waiting to see gallery pieces.

The line is always long!

Dessert at Fridays Feast!

Gallery winner Cindy Malchoff

Winner, Cindy Cannivino

Winner, Stevi T, who was also overall artist winner for the TOBY awards.

Winner Sue Van Natton

Winner, Katherine Hallam, who also won a TOBY award.

My fox

My wolf and a leery hare.

Me at my table.

The show was great fun. Behind the scenes we had secret service staying at the same hotel(President Obama was in town for a speech) and Mike and Frank of the American Pickers tv show also stayed in our hotel!

But we managed to enjoy great friends and great bears in the midst of everything going on. Lots if bears found good homes. First time to the show artist Lynn Bowie from Scotland sold out quickly as did Katherine Hallam.

The art of these bears just keeps getting better. Next year is the 20th anniversary ! The theme is Rear View Mirror...looking back on themes past. What a celebration it's going to be, will you be there?!

Calling all past artists and attendees, this is the time to come home, see family, friends and rock this celebration. I will be looking for you!

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