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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Spirits of Sanford review

Went to the 5th Spirits of Sanford art show today that is put on by the Jeanine Taylor Art Gallery.

This is who met you at the entrance! Set the tone for the wonderful artwork inside.

Art Rogers was there from Missouri with these fun pieces and the ones below.

Just love that big pumpkin character, such a great face.

This piece is by Jorge De Rojas from Florida who was very delightful to speak to and very imaginative.

I bought this vegetarian character from him and day it on my sewing machine when I got home do it can watch mr work lol ! There were little vegetable character baskets too that held candle votives , electric of course.

Other wonderful artists were, Carly Smith (Florida )
Iva Wilcox (Florida )
Debbie George (Indiana )
Mary Bell (Florida )
Robert Brawley ( North Carolina )
Dani Nelson (New Jersey )
Jamie Moore (Kansas)
Minnie Brocco (Florida $
Adriana Esqueda (Texas )
Margo Nochese (New York )
Kim Brown (Florida )
Melissa Menzer (Florida )

These artists presented work that put a smile on your face and lots of people went home happy with their artwork.

If you get the chance try to attend next year. They even have a preview party and reception the night before the show!

Hmmm..... I should have taken more pictures lol! Guess you'll just have to go yourself! Hehe.


vladsbtch said...

very cool I want to go next year.. :)

Darlene said...

It was fun!