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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Renningers extravaganza November2013

Went to Renningers in Mt. Dora yesterday and had such fun. So many people were there. Shopping, eating having fun with friends. Me, I was on a mission. What could I find to help me create my bears and other animals? First stop, the button lady!

And look at the teddy bear button I found, I have one but this one is in great shape. Yes it is original.

Mini buttons for clothing on small bears. The larger ones are metal and jewel.

Feathers from 1920's Paris. Great for hats.

The same dealer with the feathers had these old small bears,

And these old dogs, the one on the right is German.

And after all that walking this old sitz bath tub could have been mine for just $1300. What do you mean it's not for soaking your feet?! Hehe!

They will be there today and tomorrow. If you are close go find your own treasures.


Deana Pfaus said...

Looks like you got some goodies!

Darlene said...

Yes I did hehe

Darlene said...

Yes I did hehe