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Monday, May 5, 2014

Gallery pieces at Quinlan Show2014

The Quinlan artist Doll and Teddy Bear Show held this past weekend offered some of its best gallery pieces yet.

Collectors trying to get close look at Mark Dennis' "Neverland Retold"

Another view of this elaborate piece that made him an award winner.

This piece by JoAnn O'Hanlon also got her a well deserved award

"White Night" by Tamara Pivnyuk brought the artist her award win.

This an elaborate doll by Goldie Wilson the coat has detailed hand stitching. Of course it sold!

Martha Burch wowed again with 'Melisande' and won an award.

'Coral Garden' by Cindy Malchoff

Maggie Newman created this multi fibered art piece.

Ginger Brame exhibiting one of her elaborate bear and box combinations. So much detail.

Collectors choice award to Mary Esther Ward for 'Nestling'.

Sue Quinn fiddling with her bear as she talks to collector!

'Hand Me Downs by Darlene Allen, she found new home.

This big girl is by Cindy McGuire

Wish I could buy this by Nancy Wiley!
These are definitely just a small portion of the wonderful works of art in the galleries. You should have seen the artists tables...ahhh.

More on show in next post.


BagsBeadsBears said...

This is my "eye candy" show! I am just in "hog heaven" when i go to this show. I had a doll artist tell me that this was (to quote) "the premium doll show in the Northeast"! Thank you for showing my gallery did sell and the lady was ecstatic. (So was I!)

Darlene said...

Maggie it was a wonderful bear!

MorganZee said...

Thanks for all the photos, Darlene, especially the ones showing the dolls & bears which won awards.
It was a great show & I was really glad to see you there.