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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Son Tried To Get Me Killed!

Sorry not to have posted regularly past couple months but have had some health issues.not wearing the portable defibrillator any more which is good and looking to get other issues resolved soon. But I plan on dying a natural death. Which brings me to this post!
My plan was to get in the workroom and get some pieces put together. My sons plan was to have me follow him to have his car dropped off at the dealership and take him to work. Ok.
We start off. Get to first big intersection he takes off, leaves me looking around construction to jump in the lane before oncoming traffic, good start. Moving on , I'm thinking he needs to be in left lane cause he will need to turn. Nope to the right and straight ahead, nope oops he jumps into left turn lane leaving me little room to fall in behind and I narrowly get in behind him without pissing off the driver behind me. Ok going straight. He's up ahead van gets in between, ugh, stay or get in other lane, I stay. Oh good van gets in next lane, catching up, another car moves in ok it's gone phew, my son changes lanes!
Then I'm looking at the street signs and realize the street we just passed could have been reached by shorter direction...nope, stay calm. Then we reach the dealership and he zooms in across traffic and no I did not follow him!
When he gets in the car I ask, "why were you trying to kill me?" He goes,"what?"

Hope his plan is to get a friend to take him to pick up his car, just saying. I plan to go naturally!

-from the bears and me

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vladsbtch said...

What a little turd he is. You be careful out there.